Our staff
Our office is staffed by lawyers, paralegals, community legal workers and support staff.

All intake calls go to our intake department. One of our workers will determine whether we can offer services and whether it is appropriate to schedule an appointment with one of the caseworkers. You may see a lawyer, paralegal or a community legal worker, depending on staff availability and the type of problem you have.

Our Director of Legal Services, Ann McRae, and our Director of Administration, Tameka Francis oversee the clinic's operations.

Our Board of Directors Several volunteers from the surrounding community serve as our board of directors. They oversee the administration and policies of the clinic. The board guides the staff on issues of importance to our community.

Our funding
Our clinic is funded by Legal Aid Ontario. LAO has a website, http://www.legalaid.on.ca, where you can learn about lots of other clinics and services.

How you can be involved
Our board is elected annually by our members. You can be a member if you live or work in our area, and support our work. If you are interested, you can apply for membership at our office.

We sometimes have room for co-op students from high school and college courses. Speak to the director of your co-op program to make arrangements. We need volunteers for our board and sometimes for special projects. Not all volunteers can be accepted. Contact the clinic to apply.

Our Wordpress site, www.rexdaleclc.wordpress.com is more detailed and more up-to-date. Please visit us there.



Rexdale Community Legal Clinic- Rexdale Community Hub
21 Panorama Court, Suite 24, Toronto, Ontario, M9V 4E3
Phone: 416-741-5201 Fax: 416-741-6540

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